July 25, 2016

Library & Archive


Our Library has its origin through the donation of books and other material by members and from review copies submitted to the Dublin Historical Record.  In addition the Society archives contain minute books, correspondence and other material going back to our first meeting in 1934.  The collection is diverse in nature but with a strong Dublin related theme.  It includes items commonly available in public libraries but also ephemera and pamphlet type material produced for particular occasions or by special interest groups.  There are also examples of early Dublin printings of the 17th and 18th centuries.  The library welcomes suitable donations from members and friends who wish to support its future development and growth.  If you would like to make a donation to the Old Dublin Society, please email:   olddublinsociety@gmail.com or librarydesk@rds.ie

The Old Dublin Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Heritage Council in the provision of funding which assisted with cataloguing in 2008.  In the course of that work, many old books were found to be in need of repair and rebinding.  The Council of the Society agreed such work should be undertaken and this is currently in hand with a local bookbinder.  Consequently while items may appear in the catalogue, if they are in need of attention, they may not be currently available to consult.

Books and other catalogued material in the collection are available for reference only and may not be borrowed.  The catalogue is hosted by the RDS library website.   To see the catalogue, please go to:     https://library.rds.ie/

Intending visitors should email the RDS library prior to visiting:   librarydesk@rds.ie

Researchers can use JSTOR to access Dublin Historical Record online:  http://www.jstor.org/journal/dublhistreco